Arundel Language School is an official partner/collaborator centre for the British Council in Bilbao preparing for the ESOL Cambridge exams at all levels.

From the age of 7/8 our students will take a specific preparation integrated in the methodology of our classes, so naturally and with no extra cost, we will prepare our students to initiate them in the YLE (Young Learners of English) so that they can voluntarily take up any of the exams at the end of the school year, normally in June.

Starters, Movers and Flyers are the three levels (from A1 to A2) that our students will be able to do during their initial stage in Primary, moving up to other levels of greater relevance once at secondary school, where the options go through KEY, PET, FCE and CAE (from A2 to C1).

Arundel Language School is also a registered centre for Trinity College London Examinations (oral) offering our students the 12 existing levels. Te preparation for these exams is also integrated into our classroom methodology. All this without incurring any additional cost, in recognition of the confidence shown by our Parents and Students.