Arundel Language School is established in Barakaldo with the firm idea that our students learn and speak English in the most direct, efficient and fast way. Arundel Language School (ALS) is committed to quality by introducing the latest technological developments in the classroom while maintaining a very direct and personal contact with students and parents alike. Parents prefer classes with few students where the most intimate contact will help us to get the most out of each student.

In this way, we make our center more than a language academy. Our students will enjoy the closest English, being able to carry out their class tasks with us on the agreed days. We will also hold special sessions on Saturday mornings, where English, Irish and / or American natives will interact with our students. There will be crafts, storytelling, karaoke, … all this and more in the “Arundel Club”.

In addition, as an official collaborating center for ESOL Cambridge and Trinity College London (oral), our students will have the specific preparation for these exams integrated into our own lessons, with the option of taking any of the official examinations, whatever their grade is, (see section exams) in our concerted centre of Portugalete and / or at the British Council of Bilbao, but always benefiting from the great advantages of being an ALS student.

Having very small groups (4-9 students), the contact of the teacher with the student is very close, allowing us to know in depth the benefits of the group and adapting the lessons to the real needs of the group.